Hi, my name is Anthony.

Hi Anthony, nice to meet you.

About me.

I'm a Field Organiser for GetUp!
Before that,I built a funny website that took Hansard data and used it to answer the question: Is your pollie smarter than a 5th grader?

I worked as a data-obsessed field organiser for Obama 2012, in Florida. I had my head crammed with metrics, split testing, behavioural science led campaigning and the snowflake model. I recruited and inspired volunteers, ran field offices and knocked doors.

In 2013, I took a gig with the Australian Conservation Foundation, to move a traditional lobbyist organisation towards an organising and online organising model, and it worked!

Along the way, I came up with some new ways to make money, and injected a great culture of data-informed decision making in to the teams I worked with.

Before that, I did an Arts degree and a Law degree. I’ve read everything I can find on behavioural psych, behavioural economics and the new science of campaigning. I’m a member of the Analyst Institute, and a contributor to magazines like Habitat & Anthill Online.

Things I do

Organising is about 4 things: Community, Data. Analytics and Action.


    I’m a community organiser who campaigns the science-y way. I’m a member of the Analyst Institute, and last week I knocked 400 doors.


    I’m a data analyst who knows that data is for helping to win campaigns, and how to translate numbers in to insights in to campaign strategy. 


I’m a Google Analytics IQ Certified Analytics guy, and I make pretty graphs that make people go “Ah!” instead of “Huh?”


Sometimes I take a break from people and think about funnels, numbers and conversion rate optimisation. 


Sometimes I build funny websites. Sometimes I design campaigns. Sometimes I write things. Here are some examples below

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